About Us

PikFly is a Phoenix, AZ-based company committed to supporting local businesses by making local merchant products easily accessible and more convenient with same day delivery services. Through PikFly’s online marketplace, consumers can shop neighborhood stores from the comfort of their home or workplace and enjoy the convenience of same-day delivery. Choosing to purchase local generates almost four times the economic impact in the local economy when compared to purchasing from chain or big box store, and PikFly is committed to helping drive the local economy.

In today’s growing on-demand economy, PikFly is the first company to marry same-day delivery with products exclusively from locally owned businesses. The power of PikFly is that it benefits both the customer and the retailer. PikFly gives the consumer the convenience of ordering from their favorite local retailers without leaving their home. Merchants receive new exposure and sales for their products and the added value of the technical resources to compete on a large scale with the big box retailers and large online stores. PikFly gives their merchants a platform to get in the game.

PikFly orders are delivered by PikFly Navigators that use a dedicated app to view and execute available deliveries. Navigators benefit from the flexible, revenue sharing model made attractive by Uber and Lyft. Locals will have the opportunity to sign up as Navigators to make supplemental income delivering packages from merchants to consumers. The Navigator chooses their own work schedule and can modify their delivery area or the type of packages they deliver. Delivery is available seven days a week from 6am to 11pm.



We here at Pikfly hope you enjoy our service and hopefully tell all your friends!


Mike Auger

President and CEO