Boost Local Sales

Reach new, local customers who want your product today! PikFly brings local buyers and sellers together and streamlines same day delivery.

New Customers, Increase Sales

The first same day delivery network for local businesses PikFly helps you get new customers and increased sales by providing your business with a same-day delivery network, free of charge. Local customers using our mobile app and will be able to find & buy your products and get it delivered today, at NO cost to you.

Committed to Merchant Success

People want to buy from locally-owned businesses if they can just find out about you. PikFly is the solution to get your name and products in front of local buyers.

18% of online consumers would pay for same day delivery, according to Business Insider, Inc.*

* BI Intelligence Same-Day Deliver, Cooper Smith, September 18, 2014

Diminishing Market

Traditionally, when consumers want something right now, they go to a local store to make the purchase. Industry giants are removing that advantage by offering same day delivery. Amazon and Google are now offering same day delivery with big box retailers.

The only effective way to compete is to build our own community. PikFly is the only local online shopping experience and same day delivery eco-system.

All things being equal, the vast majority of consumers would prefer to buy local.

Live, Breathe and Shop Local

Together, we can reduce the amount of money spent at big box stores and global e-commerce websites. We build a stronger community, create jobs, reduce environmental stress and create 3x the financial impact by keeping our buying dollars local.

Marketing Collateral

Increase your revenue per customer by introducing PikFly to your in-store customers giving them an additional way to purchase your products. We provide you with FREE window stickers, counter top displays and fliers.

Register today and be a core part of building a stronger local business community.